High Potential Strategy, Leadership, and Team Coaching

Teams perform best when they communicate and collaborate in positive ways to create innovative outcomes. Take your teams to the next level by learning how to:

  • Disrupt the conformity and eliminate conflict.
  • Uncover the power of teams by discovering hidden talents and capabilities.
  • Develop teams that demonstrate leadership, expertise, and credibility.
  • Tools such as the Energy Leadership Index, the FIRO-B®, the MBTI®, and Anita Reed’s Understanding Yourself and Others© Personality Profile are utilized to conduct individual and team assessments and help clients discover ways to improve communication and behaviors for positive outcomes leading to increased opportunities and enhanced productivity with reduced stress and a greater sense of achievement.


• I have known Dr. Annette Craven for over 20 years. Her work ethic, broad knowledge in many disciplines, and ability to apply those in practical business settings make her the ideal coach. Your employees and business will be better from having her engaged. “Hire Dr. Annette Craven as a corporate or employee coach, and you will thank me for it. Her education, people insight, business savvy and pleasant delivery combine to make her an ideal coach in any business situation.

– Henry B. “Skeeter” Lieberum, President, Global Dynamic Consulting

• In just two days, Annette was able to uncover barriers within our small team, and give us tools to facilitate changes in our dynamics. Her preparation and follow through were key, and we are a changed team because of her knowledge, professionalism, and guidance.

– Laurie Pittman, CFO

• As a result of Annette’s coaching, I now see a positive attitude when dealing with challenges as a management team. I believe that we now consider other perspectives much more than we did before.  Instead of a knee-jerk reaction to a situation, we understand each other in a much deeper way then we did before our sessions with Annette. I highly recommend her as a coach.

– Michael Edenbaum, Director of Sales & Client Relations

• Since our company’s founding, AEC Coaching has provided us with the essential resources to grow into an international technology company. Still today, AEC remains an integral part of our team as we continue to expand our company’s global reach

– Jonathan Everhart, President & CEO, -Global ReEnergy Holdings (Houston, TX & Hong Kong)

• As a result of working with Annette, I now see a more positive outlook on how our team interacts and manages. I give Annette props for the time spent she spent coaching us in the right direction.

– Lloyd Rael, Director of Operations

• The training that Annette facilitated helped our team to establish trust, rapport, and boundaries. It also taught us to embrace and appreciate varying perspectives, and work on task specific projects. A few months has passed since our session, and we have continued to use and apply the principles she coached us on in a way that promotes prosperity for each other’s roles and the business.

– Kristin Ryan Ramirez, DBA, SPHR, Director of Human Resources & Client Care