Transitions Coaching

Professional and Academic

Professionals who are going through transitions often need help with Communication, Creative Visioning, Conflict, Career, & Change. My clients have included leaders, managers, high potential teams, and individual professionals in the corporate, government, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Using the power of professional coaching, clients identify and understand the ways personality traits, hidden talents, experience, and educational preparation can empower them to build the foundation to identify the right career trajectory and realize success that results in a sense of fulfillment and increased earning power.


• From our very first session, I knew Annette was not only someone with whom I could explore personal issues and private goals, but also someone who was going to challenge me to reach for my dreams. She made me really think about what I wanted, as well as what I needed in my life. I came to understand that those two things are not always the same. When we started, I told Annette the three areas I wanted to work on: Getting organized, prioritizing, and spending time with my family.  Within a month, the anxiety and guilt I had been feeling began to subside and my to-do list was steadily shrinking. By month three, I was looking back on my accomplishments with pride, and more importantly, looking back on the quality time I had been spending with my family

– John Fortunato, Marquette, Michigan

• Annette brings me great joy. Her ability to connect with people on a deeper level is extraordinary. She naturally empowers, guides and inspires those around her to live their best life.

– Suzan Nguyen, Founder of BBnB Coaching

• Dr. Craven brings passion to her coaching and has the rare ability to easily delve into a range of related topics and quantitative-qualitative methodological techniques for a variety of complex management problems. She does not impose her opinions on people but rather helps them to independently recognize, evaluate, and pursue potential opportunities for development.

– Jeff Klein, Ph.D., Associate Dean & Professor of Practice

• I met Dr. Craven in the late summer of 2014. At the time she was the Doctor of Business Administration Program Director at The University of the Incarnate Word, in San Antonio, TX. I was impressed immediately with her calm and thoughtful demeanor. I did not know it at the time, but this person would fundamentally change my life. Dr. Craven became my mentor and friend. She inspired and challenged me. She never let me quit, and never let me settle. One of the most far reaching descriptions of her character and intellect is her near universal competence. Most people are adept in one or two things, myself included. I have yet to be confronted by a challenge for which Dr. Craven was not able to help with; either in emotional support, intellectual guidance, or character modeling.

– John W. Hancock, DBA, Process Improvement Contractor with UnityPoint Health, Des Moines; President and Owner of John W. Hancock Consulting, LLC

• I am in deep gratitude to Dr. Annette E. Craven, from our first consultation to serving on my dissertation committee. Her expertise, guidance, encouragement, and patience have empowered me to achieve my highest potential as an educator and researcher in the field of math education.

– Shannon A. Patterson, PhD